Criminology AU promotes innovative gender and age appropriate crime prevention strategies

Juvenile prevention

Criminologist AU actively supports initiatives which reduce the risk of youths entering the criminal justice or juvenile corrections system.  Analysis of criminological influences are first identified before strategies to assist juveniles maintain non-offending and non-recidivist pathways.

Holistic approaches, like that of headspace (, provide a range of services encompassing physical, psychological and social factors to support juveniles.  Contact Criminologist AU for a referral to appropriate youth support services.

Adult prevention

Criminologist AU actively support initiatives which assist adults to reduce risks of engaging with the criminal justice and corrections systems.  Activites which provide positive leadership and role models are seen to reduce offending for at-risk individuals.

Organisations, such as Men's Shed and Women's Shed, provide individuals places to collaborate and to get involved in activities which remove them from the risk of offending.  Contact Criminologist AU for a referral to an appropriate support service.


  • Individual

    Individuals both engaged with the criminal justice system and those at risk of entering the criminal justice system should be targeted by crime prevention strategies and interventions.

  • Society
  • Environment


  • Individual crime prevention

    Individual crime prevention efforts focus on the offender.  These interventions aim to reduce the risk of reoffending by addressing social, psychological and biological stressors.

  • Community crime prevention
  • Situational crime prevention