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Developing gender and age-appropriate criminal justice/corrections strategies and interventions
It is the belief of Criminologist AU that the effective and efficient reduction of crime in society requires a focus on three factors
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Kaz Zinnetti is the founder and co-chair of the NSW Trans and Gender Diverse Criminal Justice System Advisory Council (NSW TaGDAC).  The NSW TaGDAC was formed in 2018 and comprises multidisciplinary government and non-government stakeholders.  The aim of the advisory council is to actively promote and support initiatives that improve conditions for trans and gender-diverse individuals when they come into contact with the criminal justice system in NSW. 

Members of the NSW TaGDAC have:

  • Provided NSW Corrective Services (CSNSW) a draft policy and briefing paper containing numerous recommendations for the improved treatment and management of trans and gender-diverse individuals in custody
  • Contributed to an academic publication on international perspectives of the incarceration of trans and gender-diverse individuals
  • Been awarded a significant grant for research concerning the incarceration of trans and gender-diverse individuals in Australia

If you are interested in joining the NSW TaGDAC please contact Criminologist AU.

Criminal Profiling Promotion

Criminal profilers draw on sociological, psychological, biological, environmental and individual factors to develop profiles of perpetrators, victims and places to assist law enforcement in developing proactive approaches to offender detection and apprehension.  Although many law enforcement agencies worldwide rely on criminal profiling services a limited number of offender profilers are available to law enforcement agencies.   

Criminologist AU promotes the benefits of establishing a criminal profiling unit in Australia and to attract suitably qualified criminal profilers with knowledge of the unique characteristics of prolific and serious offenders in the Southern hemisphere.  Criminologist AU invites criminologists, investigators and forensic specialists to join Criminologist AU in promoting offender profiling as a reliable and needed service in crime fighting strategies in the Southern hemisphere.


  • Criminologist AU

    Criminologist AU is an Australian criminology and criminal justice organisation aimed at providing services to the public and private sectors for the reduction and treatment of particular crime causality.

    Abbreviation: CAU

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